Welcome to BioStemTechnologies

BioStem Technologies, Inc. (OTC: BSEM) is a global life sciences corporation, providing innovative technologies with a concentration in Pharmaceuticals and Regenerative Medicine. The Company’s mission is to discover, develop and produce the most effective Pharmaceutical and Regenerative Medicine products in the world. The Company is comprised of a diverse group of scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs who collaborate to create innovative products. These technologies improve the Quality of Life for our patients and, as a result, drives shareholder value.


Phase 1
Infrastructure (Completed)

Phase I of BioStem Technologies business plan involved acquiring industry professionals, business plans and product...

Phase 2

Phase II of BioStem Technologies business plan is currently underway. Qualified Pharma Ingredients, the Companies pharmaceutical...

Phase 3
Regenerative Medicine

Phase III, launching in Q1 of 2018, will begin with acquisition/development of Regenerative Medicine protocols and patented technologies...

Phase 4
R&D Pipeline

The IV Phase of BioStem Technologies business plan will involve the commercialization of proprietary technologies developed throughout initial...