Founded on Hope

BioStem’s story began decades before its founding. In 1985, Henry (Chip) Van Vurst was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. While it stopped short of claiming his life, it did result in 15 surgeries on his legs and confinement to a wheelchair for more than 3 years. Through the use of leg braces which he wore for more than 30 years, Chip was able to regain some mobility.

Despite working hard to improve his quality of life, Chip’s ordeal wasn’t over. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer twice, once in 1992 and again in 2011. Aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments were able to beat the disease, but they took a massive toll on his body. The damage from the accident was compounded by persistent weakness and partial paralysis on the left side of his body, as if he had suffered a stroke.

Unhappy with the state of his health and the limited range of treatment options available in the U.S., Chip began researching regenerative stem cell therapies and experimental pharmaceuticals abroad. He ultimately traveled to Latin America to receive regenerative care. These efforts successfully restored Chip’s quality of life, which made him a true believer in the healing potential of regenerative medicine.

Chip, along with Andrew Van Vurst and Jason Matuszewski, established BioStem Technologies in 2014 to advance regenerative medicine and make innovative treatments available to people in need of options. With the growth of the company and addition of new divisions in 2018, BioStem Technologies became BioStem Life Sciences.

Our story is still being written, and it all started with hope. Bringing this life-changing technology to patients around the world will always be the driving force behind where we find ourselves — and where we go next.