Redefining Care Through Regenerative Medicine
For addressing pain, injury, and the effects of disease, patients deserve non-addictive treatments that preserve quality of life. That’s why BioStem Life Sciences is committed to producing human tissue-based products for healing and regeneration that adhere to the industry’s highest standards, going over and above current good tissue practice (cGTP) standards to ensure the safety of our products.

With a focus on patient safety and continual drive to innovate, our tissue engineers leverage years of experience to extract, purify, and preserve tissues for use in advanced allograft technology. Our ultimate goal is to use the power of regenerative medicine to help people looking to heal after surgical intervention or disease, those who want to avoid narcotics for chronic pain, or those who have been let down by traditional avenues of care.

Innovation with Conviction

BioStem Life Sciences began after our founder had a life-changing encounter with the power of regenerative stem cell therapy. Read his story here.

Demystifying an Evolving Branch of Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a relative newcomer to the therapeutic landscape, which has resulted in widespread confusion about how tissue-based therapies work. Get a clearer picture of the science behind our regenerative medicine therapies and the associated terminology here.

Our Human Tissue-Based Products

A connective tissue allograft flowable matrix

A chorion-free, dehydrated amniotic allograft membrane

A dehydrated amniotic allograft membrane containing chorion layer and Wharton’s Jelly

A dehydrated extracellular amniotic allograft membrane for use as a scaffold for ocular repair

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